The Aumosoft GmbH was founded in year 2003 to develop software for Embedded Systems.

What can you imagine of this kind of software? A Smartphone would be an example for an Embedded System. Originally it is embedded in a superordinate system that serves human communication. But it is self-sufficient nd self-contained, it can also become part of other systems. So it could also transmit in a health system human vital data such as heart rate and respiratory rate. In this way, complex systems are created in practice that tatke on a variety of tasks .

We are fascinated by these new possibilities, which result from the networking of Embedded Systems. This motivates us to create ever better software for higher requirements.

That is why, we have specifically addressed these challenges:

    to develop energy-efficient test stands for electric motors

    to develop test bench for battery management systems

Are you suffering from lack of resources? Then do not hesitate to involve us so that we can assist you as a catalyst in critical areas. Your Aumosoft .