We have decades of experience in hardware-related software development, which is why we develop complex solutions in addition to moving bits and bytes:

For the safe operation of lithium-ion batteries, a battery management systems (BMS) is essential.

The importance of intelligent test systems can not be overstated. With a complete test, functionality becomes a matter of formality. Conversely, untested functionality has no value.

A mistake should be found as soon as possible after its creation, because the later it is found, the more expensive its correction. Surely you know the so-called Rules of Ten rule, which states that the cost of discovering a fault increases tenfold with every step of the development.

Similarly, the need for testing is firmly anchored in standards such as IEC 61508, a standard for the development of electrical, electronic and programmable electronic systems.

With our devices, we have designed solutions that allow you to detect errors sooner than before or, conversely, prove the freedom from errors.

Thus you have time in your field tests for the analyzes, which are only possible here. Because it makes no sense to waste the limited time of the field trials with analyzes of such mistakes, which could have been found before.

Thanks to our device, you can now prove the accuracy of the power control of the generator as well as the full / partial converter of Wind Turbine Generator (WTG) in a hall test bench. Ultimately, this will shorten your precious development time .